FABI (ini­ti­at­ive to fin­ance and devel­op Switzerland’s rail infra­struc­ture)

Is FABI caus­ing a steep rise in taxes for the own­ers of com­pany cars? Yes or no?

Gen­er­ally speak­ing, yes, but thanks to the con­sult­ing firms Fleet Com­pet­ence and Ernst & Young, as well as act­ive sup­port from rep­res­ent­at­ives of the full-ser­vice leas­ing sec­tor, the situ­ation can be mit­ig­ated. The fol­low­ing art­icle explains how to reduce your tax bur­den with full-ser­vice leas­ing.


Would you like to learn more about FABI and optim­isa­tion pos­sib­il­it­ies avail­able through full-ser­vice leas­ing?

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